Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sarah Palins Caribou Hunt

This fall the guys were thrilled and excited to take Sarah Palin on a Caribou Hunt for her TV series "Sarah Palins Alaska."  Even though the show just showed a fraction of the days of Bou Hunting we where sure excited to be a part of this as it sure speaks for the quality of hunts we offer as, needless to say, we where not the only guys out the offering Caribou Hunts.  Bottom line, when you have a time limit, and need the best you are simply not going to go wrong with Greg and Striker.  Sarah chose a smaller Caribou as the trophy was no concern to her but take a look at to see some of the trophies the guys have returned home with.  You will not be disappointed.  The first date is already filled up as well as one other so hurry and book your hunts now and do not miss out.  Also if you book them before the first of the year you will get 10% off.  

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