Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild by Nature

Wild by Nature is owned and operated by Dennis and Alicia Zadra.  Dennis began his fishing career in 1989 when he first arrived in Cordova Alaska.  A newly graduated mechanical engineer student, he was looking for a little more adventure then an engineering career would offer.  He participated in every fishery that he could, including the Bering Sea crab fishery.  In 1992 he purchased his first boat, followed in 1993 by the purchase of a limited entry gillnet permit for the Copper River/Prince William Sound Fishery.  

Competition from foreign farmed salmon created a trend of decreasing prices which made it difficult to continue to earn a living.  In 1996 he met his wife, Alicia and they began working on direct marketing their own salmon.  That effort has grown into Wild Salmon Inc.  This effort and hard work has allowed them to produce some of the highest quality fresh, frozen, and smoked salmon available as well as fresh and frozen halibut fillets.  

Alaska’s Copper River is home to some of the finest king and sockeye salmon in the world.  This river is fed by thousands of clean and natural tributaries and flows into the Gulf of Alaska, near the smal fishing community of Cordova.  

Accessible only by boat or plane Cordova lies approximately 145 miles southeast of Anchorage.  It is here the salmon begin their incredible 300 mile journey to the place of their birth.  Nature has prepared them for this journey by providing an extra layer of flavor, color, and richness of the Copper River Salmon.  

Commercial fishing in Alaska utilizes a sustainable natural resource.  Wise use always provides first and foremost for future salmon runs.  Once enough fish have migrated upstream to ensure these runs will continue indefinitely and all subsistence and sport fishing needs have been met commercial fishermen try to make a living supplying the consumer with a quality natural, wild, nutritious and delicious wild salmon.  

Copper River salmon are harvested when the fish are bright and firm, and at an optimum fat content.  To enhance this world class resource, all if the fish are carefully and gently sorted, bled, iced and chilled.  Wild Salmon Inc. is pleased to offer some of the best tasting salmon available on the market today.

Fresh Copper River Salmon and Halibut
  1. *The Finest Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon in the World   
  2. *Delicious, firm and bright.  Averages 24 hours from harvest to delivery
  3. *100% Natural -Full of healthy Omega 3 oils
  4. *Harvested and processed at sea by the fisherman=Quality & Traceability
  5. *Fisheries certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council
  6. *Shipped via air freight from Cordova direct to the lower 48 
  7. *Airport pick up or door to door delivery
  8. *Seasonal availability 
        *King - mid May through June (25-40lbs average)
        *Red - mid May through July (6lb average)
        *Chum - early June through mid July (8lb average)
        *Silver - mid August through mid September (10lb average)
        *Pink - late June through August (3lbs average)
*H&G, Fillet, Portion, Steak.  The majority of our fresh salmon is shipped H&G.  Be advised that further processing increases costs and lessens travel stability of the fresh quality salmon.
Fresh Frozen Copper River Salmon
*Delicious, firm, and bright.  The same quality fish as our fresh market salmon
*Harvested, bled, iced and chilled at sea by fishermen
*Flash frozen immediately at -20 to -40 F in an approved USDA Cordova facility
*Fillets (Pin Bone Removed)/Portions/Steaks
*All forms are individually vacuum packed
*Shipped via air or ground
*Available Jan-Dec. Large orders may require pre-ordering during the season to ensure availability
*Convenient and versatile.  Easy to prepare a stand alone dish or as part of a gourmet menu
Wild Alaskan Prince William Sound Fresh and Fresh/Frozen Halibut 
*Hand chosen, iced and chilled at sea by family fishermen
*Shipped via air or ground
*H&G, Fletch, Steak
*Frozen portions are individually vacuum packed
Prince William Sound Salmon, Sockeye, Chum & Pink
*Frozen fillets, whole fish or portions
*Traditionally canned or skinless/boneless
Canned Copper River Salmon
*Skinless/boneless or traditional (bone in/skin on)
*Ready to open and eat.  No preparation necessary. Shelf stable.
Smoked Salmon

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